For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

 Q: How long does it take for my curbing to cure?

A: Your new curb is a cement product. Most cement products take 28 days to cure. During this time you will need extra precautions not to damage your curb. Take extra precaution to keep pets, children, and objects away from the curb. Use gardening items such as rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools with caution. You can begin using lawn mowers after 7 days of installation. The wheels will probably not damage the curb, but the metal corners on your lawn mower may scratch or damage the product.

During the first couple of days, the curb will be soft, although hard to the touch, and can crumble or be scratched if sharp objects come in contact with it or if someone/something puts excessive weight or pressure.

Sod laying, sprinkler work and landscape work may be started 24-48 hours after installation; however, caution must be taken. Never allow a tractor, truck, or any other equipment to run over your curb.

Q: How long should I avoid turning on my sprinklers?

A: During the first 48 hours you should avoid direct sprinkler impact on the curb. Irrigation, backwash from pool, condensation lines, or rain can damage the curb. Such actions will most likely discolor the curb.

 Q: Do I need to do remove the sod where the curbing will be?

A: We will take care of all of the prep work once we arrive on-site. The best thing you can do is let us take care of cutting the sod ourselves, as we have all of the necessary equipment. We recommend marking out your existing sprinklers before we arrive to ensure they do not get damaged by our sod cutter.

Damage to sprinkler lines, telephone wires, and other buried items by our equipment or personnel is not the responsibility of Alpine Curbing.

 Q: How often should I seal my curbing?

A: We recommend re-sealing your colored curb once a year.  Curbing with no color doesn’t require the sealer but it can enhance the curbing’s longevity. The process is simple and can be done by the homeowner. However, if you do not have the time or are unsure of how to do it, we offer our service for a small fee. We ask that any vegetation be cut back away from the curb before our arrival. This process includes cleaning the curb and applying a concrete sealer. This will not only help to protect the curbing from the weather, but it will keep your curbing looking like new by maintaining the best color and look possible.

Q: How long will the install take?

A: Depending on the style of curb and amount of linear footage, most jobs will range from a few hours to a full day.